Stainless steel tanks and silos

Stainless steel tanks and silos

Considering the final product quality Globtank stainless steel tanks and silos constitute an ideal alternative from the cost point of view with regards to traditional, welded stainless steel silos which are not equipped with any relief valves.

The advanced design methods i.e. with the application of the technology of finished elements in combination with the effectiveness during execution applied by the company of Globtank result in the proposed standard of execution being at an adequate level but with the price of the application of the given technology being lower not because of any lowered quality of the applied materials but because of the quantity of consumed materials, the method of their application as well as considering the adoption of adequate organisation of work processes.
Reservoir structure is manufactured with the application of acid resistant, flat steel panels of their quality equal to 1.4301 (or any other chosen) finished with the application of strengthening internal rings located both within the lower and upper sections of the reservoir.

Particular panels, are screwed together, with the application of stainless steel screws, nuts and washers upon the premises of the construction site where the final embedment of the tanks will take place. The connecting sections between particular panels are sealed tight with the application of putty possessing applicable National Hygiene Plant certificate within the scope of the applicability of the given product to be applied with drinkable water tanks and silos. The wall of the reservoir is in a seal tight manner connected to the concrete bottom of the tank.

The structure of each and every reservoir – upon the premises of the construction site – is fixed to the foundation slab with the application of brackets and anchor bolts. Each tank is built from the roof in the downwards direction finally to be elevated with the application of special hydraulic jacks. The bottom of the tank is foreseen to be executed as a seal tight concrete foundation slab. There exists a possibility for the manufacturing of a separate bottom of the container made of stainless steel or another material.
Roof structure is made of steel profiles featuring sandwich type of panels with polyurethane core of thickness amounting to 100mm.

All tanks are insulated with the application of mineral wool of thickness amounting to 100mm along with casing made of trapezoid alu-galvanised steel sheets T-18 of thickness amounting to 0,5mm with 20 year long guarantee.
Internal piping is made of stainless steel sheet or with the application of any other desired material. Connecting sections as well as other steel elements which are fitted inside the tank and which come in direct contact with water are made of 1.4301 stainless steel or with the application of any other material which has the certificate of the National Hygiene Institute.

All containers are designed in accordance with the provisions of local requirements within the scope of snow and wind load.