Glazed tanks and silos

Glazed tanks and silos

Enamelled/glazed tanks are “premium” category product which is meant for the storage of all types of PH1-PH14 aggressive mediums (i.e. slurry, sewerage waste, acids, chemical industry products and agents, agricultural products, gasses, water)

Our glazed/enamelled tanks receive 30 year project design warranty and constitute ideal solutions as biogas and slurry tanks.

The additional advantage is constituted by a simple and fast assembly of panels with the application of the special set of hydraulic jacks which characterises the whole solution as extremely easy for any potential development or disassembly.

Glazed tanks and silos

Technological solutions

What is the glass-fused-to-steel technology i.e. surface coating of steel panels with glass?

Glass-Fused-to-Steel is a unique technology devoted to the protection of walls and various elements of tanks and silos. Merging of the two materials allows for the exploitation of the best characteristics of the two – the durability and resistance of steel and the resistance of glass to corrosion. Glass enamelled internal and external steel panels manufactured with the application of the Glass-Fused-to-Steel technology guarantee for the problem free exploitation in difficult conditions for a number of years.

  • Excellent parameters and high degree of durability
  • Resistance and flexibility of steel
  • Chemically (PH) neutral quartz glass
  • Durable colours and resistance to UV radiation


Highest quality, durability and reliability guaranteed.

All of the procedures offered in a permanent manner surpass the requirements determined within the international standards for enamelled products. All of the industrial coats executed by us are subjected to scrupulous control and tests the aim of which is to verify the quality of surfaces which come in contact with the stored materials. Any cases of determination of the lack of continuity of the structure result in the rejection of the given panel.

We have gained our reputation thanks to the uncompromised strive towards the highest level of quality as well as ensuring of the ZERO TOLLERANCE TO THE LACK OF CONTINUITY of enamelled surfaces.