Cookies policy

What are cookie files?

What are cookie files?

Cookie files (often also referred to as Cookies) are IT data, most frequently text files, which are stored upon devices applied by users. Such files allow to recognise the given user and present the internet website adjusted to his or her individual preferences. Cookies usually contain an ID which identifies the given website, which are associated with the given site, as well as the time of storage of the given cookie file upon the user’s device along with its unique number.

What are cookie files applied for?

Cookie files are also applied for creation anonymous statistics, which help to get to know what is the method of taking advantage of the internet website preferred by the user. This helps website administrators to adjust website contents and structure. Cookies are also applied for the recording of settings and adjusting of the content of internet websites to individual user preferences.

What cookie files do we use?

„Session” types of cookies – these are temporary files which are erased following logging out of the given internet website or following closure of an internet browsing engine.
„Permanent” are temporary cookies which remain upon the device of the user throughout the whole period determined within their parameters or until the moment of their manual deletion.
Cookie files exploited by the partners of the operator of the browsing engine are subjected to their own privacy policy.

Are any personal data stored within cookies files?

Any potential personal data recorded within „cookies” types of files may be stored solely for the needs of execution of particular functions for the benefit of the given user. They are encrypted in a manner which makes any access of third persons to their contents impossible.

How may I delete cookie files?

As a standard setting browsing engines allow for the recording of cookie files upon user’s device. Such settings may be changed in such manner so that the engine also blocks their recording, asks every time for the permission of saving such files, removes all cookies after the closure of a browsing engine and even allows for the formation and application of individualised formulas for particular websites. Imposing of limitations for cookie files may also influence certain functionalities available within various internet websites. Details connected to configurations are to be looked for within settings as well as within help section of the particular type of software.